Trustee & Ambassadors

In Choosing the Trustees for The Christmas Foundation, it was a privilege of Paul & Victoria to ask Margaret Lynn and Nikki O’Sullivan, two people who had been instrumental in the personal journey of their own children’s creation and development, along with Gail Leverton, someone who has also been involved in distributing the time and energy The Christmas Decorators has had over the past three years.

The Christmas Foundation’s final Trustee and Patron is Claire Simmo, who after listening to Paul and Victoria’s idea, brought it all together under the guidance of the Cash for Kids Charity.

Debbie McGovern, a long-time advocate of her own Charity work completes our team as Ambassador along with Victoria. After explaining our mission to Debbie it was at her request to be involved and we are more than proud to have accepted.

Trustee & Patron
Claire Simmo

Paul Lally
Margaret Lynn
Nikki O’Sullivan
Gail Leverton

Victoria Lally
Debbie McGovern


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