Cocktails with Summer Santa Event

We hosted our Annual Cocktails with Summer Santa event on the 21st June 2017 and what a fabulous day it was!

We had the amazing Claire Simmo from Radio City 2 who compered throughout the day, she did a fantastic job and brought a brilliant energy to the event!

We met a lot of new faces which was great, also accompanied with current clients we cant thank you all enough for taking the time to call down and pay us a visit!

The day was finished off with a fabulous Networking event with Sandra Gee, we made some brilliant contacts.

If your a networker be sure to check Sandra’s events out.

One of our Favourite displays from the day had to be the Willy Wonka Sweet dispensing Tree … YUMMY !!

We know a few people who where on a sugar high all day…naming no names ….. ‘KERSHA’ !

We had the Pleasure of spending a summers day with Santa Clause him self in his Hawaiian shirt and flip flops  !!

All in all the event was a complete success and we enjoyed every second.

We cant wait to see you all again next year and hopefully a lot more new faces definitely an event not too be missed, Christmas in the Summer just fabulous!

Unless your the Grinch then you can stand in our ‘Christmas is cancelled’ display and play with coal.

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